Samantha HouseSamantha House Jewelry is a family-owned and operated jewelry store located in Boston, Massachusetts that specializes in fine jewelry and gemstone jewelry created by expert craftspeople and jewelers. What began as a dream has turned into a steady, small business – and although I still keep my brick & mortar storefront for those local Bostonians who want to stop by and say hello, the majority of my sales I make online, from this website, my Etsy page, and eBay.

Thank you for stopping by and if you like what you see, I hope you will share this site, my designs, and my story with your friends, or anyone looking to purchase fine jewelry that is ethnically-sourced, conflict-free, and expertly crafted with love, right here in America.

Samantha House Jewelry is dedicated to providing you with affordable, beautiful, unique jewelry for any occasion, and we believe that jewelry should not just be for those special moments in your life (though those are definitely special!), but that you should be able to afford jewelry that you love, for those you love. That’s why at Samantha House, we have created several tiers of jewelry, from the most expensive pieces perfect for once-in-a-lifetime moments like your proposal or wedding, to a line of affordable gemstone jewelry perfect for accessorizing a date night dress, or work party outfit.

You’ve heard of the company, Rent the Wardrobe, where you can rent beautiful and expensive dresses for any occasion? We want to move jewelry into the same realm, and bring back jewelry collections. I don’t know if your mother had a jewelry box, but mine did. I used to love laying on the bed, watching her get ready for a dinner or evening out. She had a beautiful mahogany jewelry box full of glittering rings, earrings, necklaces, and broaches that she had collected over the years. Samantha House Jewelry began with these jewelry boxes in mind. We want to create jewelry that you can not only keep for years, but that is affordable enough that you can grow your collection of beautiful jewelry options, without going broke.

That is one of the reasons we specialize in more affordable gemstones, passing the cost of the stones and jewelry directly to you. It’s also why we have decided to move to selling mostly online, so as to cut back the costs of running a brick and mortar business. Tanzanite engagement rings and tanzanite bracelets are one of our biggest sellers now. If you’re not familiar with the stone, it’s known as (though this is not the whole story, of course) the more affordable little sibling to sapphire. Brilliant blue and perfectly purple, tanzanite – while rare – is not yet as popular as its big 4 siblings, and thus more affordable to purchase and craft. Please check out our line of beautiful tanzanite rings and tanzanite jewelry – and check back to this blog for more articles and updates on Samantha House and what we’re up to! Thanks again for stopping by!