Best Tshirt Necklaces on Etsy

The winter season isn’t just about clothes—it’s also about fascinating accessories. This winter season, tshirts necklaces are taking important positions in numerous designs and styles. One good reason why most people incorporate beautiful tshirt Necklaces to their outfits is to demonstrate their ingenuity and originality given that tshirt necklaces help you express yourself in a simple but charming way.

There are unlimited ways to wear them as they come in a variety of styles and designs. However, regardless of whether you just want to make a simple statement with the many creatively designed tshirt necklaces or just trying your hand on these delicate chains there is a lot to look out for. Etsy has what it takes for every occasion.


With gicreazioni you can cheerfully add an ambiance of playfulness to your everyday look. It vibrant and bright colored necklaces are a must have for every unicorn fan. It comes in variety: Rainbow Chunky Necklace, Unicorn T Shirt Yarn Necklace, Multicolor Necklace, Yarn Jewelry and so on.

These stunning and magnificent pieces are great to put on. They are crafted from reused natural cotton t shirts. They can be worn on distinctive event or offered as a surprise gift. The necklaces are light and portable and soothing to put on with unique designs and eye catching colors. They are a great accessory all year round.


The Lulaor hand crafted multiple strand necklaces are produced from reused mélange gray t-shirt yarn cotton fabric. This delightful and charming necklace would jazz up any kind of plane dress.

In the event that you like this necklace in a distinct color selection or sizing, you can feel free to contact the company and make a custom order.

Lone Wolf Vintage Shop

The Lone Wolf Vintage Shop’s Jersey Knit white and Navy Blue Striped T-shirt Necklace are a magnificent and charming drape style neck pieces which gives you an absolutely new appearance when combined with a powerful base outfit such as a beautifully designed t-shirt, blouse or dress. This one has an exceptional nautical look with the navy blue and white striping. T-shirt material is stredded and stranded to make the 15 strand neck piece.


Plarnstar is well known for crafting high quality yet simple colored materials ranging from it rainbow Stripes Recycled T-shirt Necklace to colorful striped fabric necklaces.

The recycled t-shirt necklace comes in a rainbow stripes pattern while it colorful striped necklace is crafted from upcycled tshirt yarn (tarn). Their high quality fabrics are picked up from the end of the run at clothing factories, after which they are cut into strips and turned into yarn. These fabric necklaces are a great choice for people who have metal allergy given that they are free from metal.

The necklace comes with 10 loops and ample dimension. Owing to the recycled nature of this yarn, sometimes the color and pattern may vary. One great thing that makes this products stand out is that the patterns used are original designs.