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Class Action Lawsuit Against A Major US Jeweler

The Pay Gap Issue is Real and Haunting Even Now at Signet Jewelry
The modern society is all about upholding equality between men and women at work, and otherwise, you say? The news article in New York Times Magazine focused on a wide pay gap between the two genders, especially in the sales associates of a major jewelry chain brand. The visible pay gap is noticeable in the chain of jewelry outlets
of Jared, the Galleria of Jewelry, Zales, and more. The parent firm, Signet Jewelry, has hired law firms against its ex-employees who had discovered pay discrepancies between male and female employees here.

What the Lawsuit Claims?
It started when a long-term employee of Tampa Jared, the Galleria of Jewelry store, felt she was wronged when not given the opportunity of an interview for the managerial position. Instead, men with little experience to none were given this opportunity. Moreover, she suffered sexual harassment from male employees. This led her to dig the details and learn about other store associates. It was then she realized another associate Marie Wolf with a great experience of sales of more than $1 billion of designer rings, and still never got a higher position.

She and Marie contacted the law firms and filed a case against the Signet Jewelry, the parent firm, in 2004. Over these 14 years, the lawsuit has deduced over 70,000 women were paid lesser than their male colleagues. This pay discrepancy on one side, the lawsuit has also been documenting more women employees raising the alarm at
the rapidly increasing environment of sexual abuse, rape, and other grave situations. There have been around 200 such reports from men and women alike of the incidents they have been victims of or have witnessed at the brand of designer rings.

More Signs of Unlawful Acts by Signet
Signet Jewelry, the firm of designer rings and other jewelry pieces, has also been in another controversy. It has agreed to pay New York regulators a fine of as much as $11 million. They had signed up many customers to their store credit cards without seeking any permission from them and forcing their employees under the pretext of fulfilling their monthly targets.

Signet Jewelry has expressed displeasure towards the article in New York Times magazine. They have gone ahead to state on CNN about how their firm is promoting harmony and equality among their employees. Law firms and wronged employees do not share similar thoughts.