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Nose piercing looks chic and cool but requires frequent cleaning, especially if you have a risk of infection. Like all the piercing cleanings, nose piercing cleaning helps to keep the debris and grime out of the nose, preventing infection in it.

However, the care does not just stop there. You have to have a keen check on your Etsy jewelry and nose piercing to see if they debris-free. This prevents piercing infection to grow and also avoids further problems that might arise in the future. If you are looking for a quick nose Etsy jewelry clean-up, you are at the right place. This article includes all the tips, ins and outs of cleaning nose jewelry.

Nose Piercing After Care
Piercing your nose is very easy. However, the healing process isn’t so easy to deal with. It might even take months for your nose piercing to heal. Your nose piercing is expected to inflame and turn red. Pain also occurs in the healing process. However, cleaning it frequently would keep bacteria and infectious debris away.

Steps to Take Care Of Nose After Piercing
The first step of aftercare is to clean your nose piercing, preferably with the saline nasal spray. You can rinse your nose piercing with saline nasal spray two times a day. If your nose is sensitive or if the skin is tender, you can also use tea tree oil. Keep the jewelry in one place for a few days after the nose piercing. Changing your Etsy jewelry can be painful. You might also end up closing the hole.

Moreover, do not change and touch the piercing unless necessary. This increases the risk of causing a nose infection. After touching the nose piercing, it’s better to use a saline nasal spray to wash off all the debris.

What to Use While Cleaning Nose Piercing
According to research, it would take about 2 to 4 months for a nose piercing to heal. Once your nose piercing is healed, you do not need to clean it more often but maintain cleanliness to prevent scarring and infection.

  • To clean your healed nose piercing, here are some things that you might need:
  • Saline nasal spray or salt-water solution.
  • Cotton swabs or cotton balls.
  • Thick cleaning material such as a towel or cotton cloth.

How to Take Proper Care Of Nose Piercing?
When the nose piercing is completely healed, you can clean the piercing twice every week. Whenever the nose piercing feels oily, use saline solution or sprint saline nasal spray to wash away the dirt.

How to Clean A Nose Ring?
Apart from cleaning your nose piercing, it is important to clean your nose Etsy jewelry as well to wash away debris, bacteria and infection-causing germs.

  • Use saline solution or saline nasal spray to clean new nose jewelry. It’s better to clean the area surrounding the nose stopper.
  • If you are wearing silver nose jewelry, clean it with silver jewelry cleaner as often as you can to prevent infection in your piercing.