secret compartment jewelry

Jewelry holds your deceased loved ones

Death of any loved one is the biggest shock for someone. We all want to remember our deceased loved ones in every moment of life. Most of us probably have the pictures of the deceased partner or the parent in the house, hanging on the wall. What if you could wear something that kept you reminding about the deceased? Yes, secret compartment jewelry or memory jewelry is a revolutionary idea in the fashion world. You can turn a sad incident or death of someone into a beautiful memory. Memory jewelry lets you wear the ashes of the dead in the hidden compartment jewelry. These rings and other jewelry items are custom-made as you need additional secret compartment jewelry.

These pieces of jewelry are personalized as per the demand of the client. The most common way to have the jewelry personalized is to go for the memory ring. Memory ring looks just like an ordinary ring, but you can feel the reality and the attached sentiments with the ring.

Under the stone or diamond, there is a secret hidden compartment where a small number of ashes are stored. The overall look of the hidden compartment jewelry is not very much different from the regular jewelry. There have been many cases where someone lost his partner, and he decided to keep the memories alive. In such a situation, you can turn your wedding or engagement ring into memory jewelry. These things cannot bring back the deceased, but it is the best thing that you can do to remember them throughout your life.

These memory jewelry pieces are made so perfectly that no one would ever know that you are wearing secret compartment jewelry. You can simply wear these rings or other pieces like a normal fashion accessories. Memory rings look gorgeous like any piece of jewelry, and people around you are already wearing this memory jewelry without you knowing.

Rings and pendants are being commonly used as memory jewelry as the designer has to add a tiny cavity in the ring or pendant to store the ashes. You don’t need to worry about any kind of special care and protection of the memory rings as the whole process is done by professionals. Seals of the jewelry are secured with the laser and made waterproof.

Holding something from the life of the lost one can help you to get through the hard times as it makes you feel comfortable having them with you all the time. If you have lost someone or want to remember someone who is not with you anymore, getting a piece of memory jewelry can keep them alive in your memories. Memory rings or pendants are not supposed to be extremely expensive, as you can have any normal design and material to have it turned into memory jewelry. The purpose of this fashion trend is to keep the deceased ones alive in your memories. If you are interested in getting one, make sure you choose the right professionals for this sophisticated job.