poison rings

Jewelry that is Inspired by Hidden Secrets

What was once a way to hide poison for someone who betrayed them is now being worn by anyone who likes the look of this jewelry. Whether it was King Louis XVI or de Castellane, the secret compartment jewelry concept makes everything fascinating. Secret compartment jewelry is the latest style for anyone who wants to wear a secret compartment that has everyone wondering what could possibly be in there. Poison rings were popular then and they are now

Beautiful Necklaces with Compartment
Secret compartment jewelry is also available as a necklace. With these necklaces, you will see the stone cut in a perfect way. Behind it lies a secret compartment that features a place that is hollow enough to hide anything you can fix in there including a piece of paper. With a necklace as a secret compartment, you can wear it everyday or you can simply choose to wear it on special occasions. The necklace chain can be an everyday chain if you want to wear your necklace every day. Behind the stone, you will most likely find the compartment that is large enough for a small piece of paper that can be folded several times. This paper can feature coordinates to a loved one, it could have a username and password, a recipe, the person who stole your heart, and more. The paper cannot be very big otherwise you won’t be able to get it into the compartment.

Poison Rings
When it comes to jewelry, you know what you like to wear and how much jewelry balances your look for the day. You probably already have a certain number of rings that you like to wear all the time, such as a wedding ring, engagement ring, or a mother’s ring with stones that are neatly placed displaying all the months her children were born in. Poison rings have a history about them. They were once used to carry the poison that they would pour into an enemy’s drink to kill them. They would prepare the dose ahead of time by measuring it out and then placing it into the ring container. They would then close the lid and prepare to attend a dinner or festivity that would include the person that they wanted to kill. When that person wasn’t looking, they would open the lid and pour in the poison into the cup. Then they would wait for the poison to take affect and their wish would come true.

In other instances, they may be working for the king or someone of higher power. They would be ordered to kill someone and this was normally the way to do it. The poison ring was the right size to hold the right amount of poison without harming the individual that is carrying the poison on their finger. The poison rings would seal up well enough to hold the liquid in so no leaking would occur. If it had leaked, it would also most likely have killed the owner of the ring too.

Other Ways to Use Poison Rings
Poison rings were used to distribute poison to an enemy however, there was other reasons to use these rings. Today, the rings are not used for poison, but for other things.

Pill Containers – If you have medication that you need to take throughout the day, these rings are much better than carrying around a pill bottled and trying to keep up with it. Put the number of pills you can fit into the ring. When you need to take your medication, you will have it at your fingertips, literally. Just open the container and take the medication out and take your meds.

Candy Holder – if you like tic taks or certain mints but don’t want to carry around the entire pack, fill your poison ring up with what you want and take it with you throughout your day. At the end of the day, you will be able to fill the container ring back up for the next day.

Other items you can fit into a poison ring include tiny pebbles or beads, a thin layer of chap stick, a few ashes from a loved one that was cremated, a charm of some type that brings you luck, Benadryl pill for someone that is allergic to bees or something and may have an allergic reaction or sand from your last beach trip. You may also want to hole punch a leaf from a walk you took with a loved one and put these holes in your poison rings to remember.

Different Designs on Poison Rings
Poison rings were not as creative looking as they are today. They were once a simple design that showed real craftsmanship about them but today, these rings are more stylish and becoming of today’s style. Today’s poison rings could entail the trace of a moon stone, a rabbit, a mouse, or a turtle. The rings could also appear as a vintage box with a latch type door that opens up to display the treasure inside. These rings can feature a lock with an actual key, although small, can open the lock and display the treasure inside.

Poison Rings make a Great Gift
If you are trying to find something that you could give someone as a gift, you may want to consider a poison ring. You can have the ring custom made or you can purchase a vintage poison ring instead. Take your time and make the right selection according to the interest of that individual. You can choose their birth stone, their favorite character or animal, their favorite shape or style. Once you find the right ring, you can then customize the inside of the ring by adding something that you want to share with them. It could be your favorite bible verse, your favorite poem, it could be words of inspiration, or a recipe to a favorite dish. No matter what you choose to put inside the poison ring, it will make a gift they won’t ever forget.

Lending your Poison Ring
If you have a loved one going on a trip or moving out of the house, give them your poison ring to wear and include the GPS coordinates back to home so they can always find their way home no matter how long they are gone. Lending out your ring instead of giving it away is a guarantee that they will come back if for no other reason but to return your poison ring.

Vintage Poison Rings
If you want to give a gift that has real meaning, shop for vintage poison rings. These rings are most likely made from the best of materials and are made to last a long time. The vintage rings can have a lot of history to them and maybe you can trace back to how old your ring would be and what was used in them when the individual was wearing it. Vintage rings are made to last and can tell a story of their own. Once you purchase a vintage poison ring, you will want to first clean it out using soap and water and a swab to get down into the corners. You don’t know what was put into the compartment and you want to clean it out so that nothing will harm you or others around you. You can ask the jeweler how to clean the outside of the ring safely which will be based on the material used to create the ring to begin with.

Have a Poison Ring Made
If you want to create a poison ring for those you love, there are a few things to consider. You will want to choose a metal to make your ring from. Some people prefer gold, others prefer silver. Some are allergic to certain metals while others don’t like the feel of certain metals. You will need to consider the individual you are making the ring for. Next, you will need to consider the secret compartment size and shape that you want to add. The secret compartment can have a message engraved inside of it before the jeweler is finished with it. You will need to speak to the jeweler to determine what he or she can do in order to create a masterpiece that is as unique as the individual you are making it for.

Poison rings are very unique and can be customized to suit the individual that you want to wear it. The ring is special and can be a great way to remember someone after they have passed away or left. You can search online for the perfect style ring that will fit your occasion.