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The Stonehenge Ring

Perhaps many dreamt of visiting the Stonehenge, yet only a few can make it in their lifetimes. However, the good news is that you can get the ring having the UNESCO landmark in it. The ring designed by one of the famous jewellers of the UK, named Theo Fennell having the Stonehenge under its lid has the worth of almost $27000. The ring having the secret compartment in it has the mesmerizing view when it is opened as it contains the heritage site that is being visited by numerous visitors all over the year.

Theo Fennel, along with his team, has worked extremely hard to create masterpieces like this. Interestingly this secret compartment jewelry is not the first one of its type. A part from these opening rings, numerous masterpieces including the slain gladiators, igloos, and the Joshua tree have also been created by this team. All of these creations have the huge prices, but the beauty of these products speaks volumes about their identity. Along with the gold, this ring also has a few diamonds and blue tourmaline on its dome, which adds to the beauty of the ring. It embeds every minor detail of the Stonehenge as the dome is designed for the clear view of the monolith that signifies the beauty of this opening ring. The creation can stun the viewer with its magnificent look as every angle of the dome reflects different light.

Fennel has also been interviewed by Business Insider where he said that they love to craft the piece no matter how difficult it is. He further added that they love to create pieces which require extensive craftsmanship. While talking about the details of the Stonehenge, he said that the design is “Accurate to its last detail.” It shows the commitment with which the team has manufactured the ring by inculcating the minor details in it.

Although according to the Fennell, the ring has no buyer yet, however, he said that they created the ring for the love of the site. Probably, it would not be too far when someone having a love of this UNSECO landmark will see this ring and would not be able to resist himself for the love of the monument. Perhaps that day is also not too far when the demand for this beautiful creation will be more and more pieces of this sort will be made by Fennell and the team.

For the love of this place, many people would want to get this ring having secret compartment jewelry in it. In the past, many people have been caught stealing the pieces of the stones of the Stonehenge, but it’s been banned now, and anyone finds doing this can be fined. Getting this phenomenal ring seems to be the only option for the heritage lovers who want to keep the cherishing memory of visiting Stonehenge with themselves for a lifetime. Or perhaps someone who has never been to this place is waiting for these types of opening rings, millions of miles away from the Stonehenge. Only the buyer with the love of this place and the proper budget will be able to win this creation by Fennell and the team.