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Jewelry holds your deceased loved ones

secret compartment jewelry

Death of any loved one is the biggest shock for someone. We all want to remember our deceased loved ones in every moment of life. Most of us probably have the pictures of the deceased partner or the parent in the house, hanging on the wall. What if you could wear something that kept you reminding about the deceased? Yes, secret compartment jewelry or memory jewelry is a revolutionary idea in the fashion world. You can turn a sad incident or death of someone into a beautiful memory. Memory jewelry lets you wear the ashes of the dead in the hidden compartment jewelry. These rings and other jewelry items are custom-made as you need additional secret compartment jewelry.

These pieces of jewelry are personalized as per the demand of the client. The most common way to have the jewelry personalized is to go for the memory ring. Memory ring looks just like an ordinary ring, but you can feel the reality and the attached sentiments with the ring.

Under the stone or diamond, there is a secret hidden compartment where a small number of ashes are stored. The overall look of the hidden compartment jewelry is not very much different from the regular jewelry. There have been many cases where someone lost his partner, and he decided to keep the memories alive. In such a situation, you can turn your wedding or engagement ring into memory jewelry. These things cannot bring back the deceased, but it is the best thing that you can do to remember them throughout your life.

These memory jewelry pieces are made so perfectly that no one would ever know that you are wearing secret compartment jewelry. You can simply wear these rings or other pieces like a normal fashion accessories. Memory rings look gorgeous like any piece of jewelry, and people around you are already wearing this memory jewelry without you knowing.

Rings and pendants are being commonly used as memory jewelry as the designer has to add a tiny cavity in the ring or pendant to store the ashes. You don’t need to worry about any kind of special care and protection of the memory rings as the whole process is done by professionals. Seals of the jewelry are secured with the laser and made waterproof.

Holding something from the life of the lost one can help you to get through the hard times as it makes you feel comfortable having them with you all the time. If you have lost someone or want to remember someone who is not with you anymore, getting a piece of memory jewelry can keep them alive in your memories. Memory rings or pendants are not supposed to be extremely expensive, as you can have any normal design and material to have it turned into memory jewelry. The purpose of this fashion trend is to keep the deceased ones alive in your memories. If you are interested in getting one, make sure you choose the right professionals for this sophisticated job.

Jewelry that is Inspired by Hidden Secrets

poison rings

What was once a way to hide poison for someone who betrayed them is now being worn by anyone who likes the look of this jewelry. Whether it was King Louis XVI or de Castellane, the secret compartment jewelry concept makes everything fascinating. Secret compartment jewelry is the latest style for anyone who wants to wear a secret compartment that has everyone wondering what could possibly be in there. Poison rings were popular then and they are now

Beautiful Necklaces with Compartment
Secret compartment jewelry is also available as a necklace. With these necklaces, you will see the stone cut in a perfect way. Behind it lies a secret compartment that features a place that is hollow enough to hide anything you can fix in there including a piece of paper. With a necklace as a secret compartment, you can wear it everyday or you can simply choose to wear it on special occasions. The necklace chain can be an everyday chain if you want to wear your necklace every day. Behind the stone, you will most likely find the compartment that is large enough for a small piece of paper that can be folded several times. This paper can feature coordinates to a loved one, it could have a username and password, a recipe, the person who stole your heart, and more. The paper cannot be very big otherwise you won’t be able to get it into the compartment.

Poison Rings
When it comes to jewelry, you know what you like to wear and how much jewelry balances your look for the day. You probably already have a certain number of rings that you like to wear all the time, such as a wedding ring, engagement ring, or a mother’s ring with stones that are neatly placed displaying all the months her children were born in. Poison rings have a history about them. They were once used to carry the poison that they would pour into an enemy’s drink to kill them. They would prepare the dose ahead of time by measuring it out and then placing it into the ring container. They would then close the lid and prepare to attend a dinner or festivity that would include the person that they wanted to kill. When that person wasn’t looking, they would open the lid and pour in the poison into the cup. Then they would wait for the poison to take affect and their wish would come true.

In other instances, they may be working for the king or someone of higher power. They would be ordered to kill someone and this was normally the way to do it. The poison ring was the right size to hold the right amount of poison without harming the individual that is carrying the poison on their finger. The poison rings would seal up well enough to hold the liquid in so no leaking would occur. If it had leaked, it would also most likely have killed the owner of the ring too.

Other Ways to Use Poison Rings
Poison rings were used to distribute poison to an enemy however, there was other reasons to use these rings. Today, the rings are not used for poison, but for other things.

Pill Containers – If you have medication that you need to take throughout the day, these rings are much better than carrying around a pill bottled and trying to keep up with it. Put the number of pills you can fit into the ring. When you need to take your medication, you will have it at your fingertips, literally. Just open the container and take the medication out and take your meds.

Candy Holder – if you like tic taks or certain mints but don’t want to carry around the entire pack, fill your poison ring up with what you want and take it with you throughout your day. At the end of the day, you will be able to fill the container ring back up for the next day.

Other items you can fit into a poison ring include tiny pebbles or beads, a thin layer of chap stick, a few ashes from a loved one that was cremated, a charm of some type that brings you luck, Benadryl pill for someone that is allergic to bees or something and may have an allergic reaction or sand from your last beach trip. You may also want to hole punch a leaf from a walk you took with a loved one and put these holes in your poison rings to remember.

Different Designs on Poison Rings
Poison rings were not as creative looking as they are today. They were once a simple design that showed real craftsmanship about them but today, these rings are more stylish and becoming of today’s style. Today’s poison rings could entail the trace of a moon stone, a rabbit, a mouse, or a turtle. The rings could also appear as a vintage box with a latch type door that opens up to display the treasure inside. These rings can feature a lock with an actual key, although small, can open the lock and display the treasure inside.

Poison Rings make a Great Gift
If you are trying to find something that you could give someone as a gift, you may want to consider a poison ring. You can have the ring custom made or you can purchase a vintage poison ring instead. Take your time and make the right selection according to the interest of that individual. You can choose their birth stone, their favorite character or animal, their favorite shape or style. Once you find the right ring, you can then customize the inside of the ring by adding something that you want to share with them. It could be your favorite bible verse, your favorite poem, it could be words of inspiration, or a recipe to a favorite dish. No matter what you choose to put inside the poison ring, it will make a gift they won’t ever forget.

Lending your Poison Ring
If you have a loved one going on a trip or moving out of the house, give them your poison ring to wear and include the GPS coordinates back to home so they can always find their way home no matter how long they are gone. Lending out your ring instead of giving it away is a guarantee that they will come back if for no other reason but to return your poison ring.

Vintage Poison Rings
If you want to give a gift that has real meaning, shop for vintage poison rings. These rings are most likely made from the best of materials and are made to last a long time. The vintage rings can have a lot of history to them and maybe you can trace back to how old your ring would be and what was used in them when the individual was wearing it. Vintage rings are made to last and can tell a story of their own. Once you purchase a vintage poison ring, you will want to first clean it out using soap and water and a swab to get down into the corners. You don’t know what was put into the compartment and you want to clean it out so that nothing will harm you or others around you. You can ask the jeweler how to clean the outside of the ring safely which will be based on the material used to create the ring to begin with.

Have a Poison Ring Made
If you want to create a poison ring for those you love, there are a few things to consider. You will want to choose a metal to make your ring from. Some people prefer gold, others prefer silver. Some are allergic to certain metals while others don’t like the feel of certain metals. You will need to consider the individual you are making the ring for. Next, you will need to consider the secret compartment size and shape that you want to add. The secret compartment can have a message engraved inside of it before the jeweler is finished with it. You will need to speak to the jeweler to determine what he or she can do in order to create a masterpiece that is as unique as the individual you are making it for.

Poison rings are very unique and can be customized to suit the individual that you want to wear it. The ring is special and can be a great way to remember someone after they have passed away or left. You can search online for the perfect style ring that will fit your occasion.

The Stonehenge Ring

secret compartment jewelry

Perhaps many dreamt of visiting the Stonehenge, yet only a few can make it in their lifetimes. However, the good news is that you can get the ring having the UNESCO landmark in it. The ring designed by one of the famous jewellers of the UK, named Theo Fennell having the Stonehenge under its lid has the worth of almost $27000. The ring having the secret compartment in it has the mesmerizing view when it is opened as it contains the heritage site that is being visited by numerous visitors all over the year.

Theo Fennel, along with his team, has worked extremely hard to create masterpieces like this. Interestingly this secret compartment jewelry is not the first one of its type. A part from these opening rings, numerous masterpieces including the slain gladiators, igloos, and the Joshua tree have also been created by this team. All of these creations have the huge prices, but the beauty of these products speaks volumes about their identity. Along with the gold, this ring also has a few diamonds and blue tourmaline on its dome, which adds to the beauty of the ring. It embeds every minor detail of the Stonehenge as the dome is designed for the clear view of the monolith that signifies the beauty of this opening ring. The creation can stun the viewer with its magnificent look as every angle of the dome reflects different light.

Fennel has also been interviewed by Business Insider where he said that they love to craft the piece no matter how difficult it is. He further added that they love to create pieces which require extensive craftsmanship. While talking about the details of the Stonehenge, he said that the design is “Accurate to its last detail.” It shows the commitment with which the team has manufactured the ring by inculcating the minor details in it.

Although according to the Fennell, the ring has no buyer yet, however, he said that they created the ring for the love of the site. Probably, it would not be too far when someone having a love of this UNSECO landmark will see this ring and would not be able to resist himself for the love of the monument. Perhaps that day is also not too far when the demand for this beautiful creation will be more and more pieces of this sort will be made by Fennell and the team.

For the love of this place, many people would want to get this ring having secret compartment jewelry in it. In the past, many people have been caught stealing the pieces of the stones of the Stonehenge, but it’s been banned now, and anyone finds doing this can be fined. Getting this phenomenal ring seems to be the only option for the heritage lovers who want to keep the cherishing memory of visiting Stonehenge with themselves for a lifetime. Or perhaps someone who has never been to this place is waiting for these types of opening rings, millions of miles away from the Stonehenge. Only the buyer with the love of this place and the proper budget will be able to win this creation by Fennell and the team.

Robert Procops Poison Ring

jewelry on etsy

Robert Procop is certainly not a small name in the jewelry design industry. He is a legendary designer who is acknowledged as one of the most knowledgeable diamond and gemstone expert in the world. At just 19, he already learned to cut gemstones and diamonds under the tutelage of master cutters. He mastered the use of light in maximizing the beauty of each stone he cuts. He specializes in finding rare stones and turning them into stunning limited-edition pieces of exceptional quality. This is the kind of experience and skill Robert Procop brings into the design of his poison ring.

Like the other rings in his collection, Robert Procop’s Poison Ring is adorned with precious stones that are expertly put together to give birth a truly exquisite piece. This ring is reminiscent of the absolute gorgeousness of Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring, a ring Robert Procop helped design. Despite already possessing the stunning quality common to jewelry designed by Robert Procop, this ring simply takes it up a notch with the fact that it is a poison ring.

A poison ring, otherwise called a pillbox ring, is a type of ring with a container under the bezel or inside the bezel, which could be used to hold various substances ranging from poison to perfume. Poison rings usually have a large stone bezel set into the band of the rings. The larger this stone, the better concealed the secret compartment which facilitates unnoticed dispersal of substances in the ring. The basic mechanics of the ring that allows it to be opened and closed is a small catch and hinge which enables a swinging motion.

Apart from poison, these rings were used to hold other less malicious items such as small capsules of fragrance, relics, bits of bone, fragments of flesh, locks of hair, and sometimes tiny portraits of loved ones. Nowadays, poison rings that can be bought as jewelry on Etsy have been put to new uses such as glitter storage, a secret note compartment, tic tac case, confetti container, and so on. Not all poison rings can be gotten as jewelry on Etsy though, some qualify as antiques and are collected all over the world.

The elegance attributable to poison rings cannot be fully understood without a good knowledge of the appropriate historical context.

According to the article “A Ring to Die For: Poison Rings Hold Centuries of Secrets,” written by Mercy Waldie in 2001, poison rings originated in the ancient days of the Far East and India. The idea of wearing vessel rings got momentum and spread to other parts of Asia, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and eventually found its way to Europe. The traditional poison ring had a tiny container hidden under a hinged cover.

These rings were recorded to be used by ancient Romans to commit suicide when an otherwise painful death is inevitable. The historian, Pliny, narrated an instance of this. He described how a Roman government official avoided torture by biting his poison ring. In another instance, teenage Emperor Heliogabalus (203 CE – 222 CE) was said to have always worn his poison ring. Although, he was said to have been assassinated before he could ingest its contents.

Furthermore, there are speculations that poison rings may have played a role in ending an aristocratic feud between two powerful families in the middle ages. Archeologists unearthed a bronze poison ring in the 21st century. It has been theorized that the poison ring may have been used by Dobrotitsa (1347-1386), the ruler of Despotate of Dodrudja, against an influential family in the Kaliakra fortress.

Poison rings also served a benign purpose in the Middle Ages. They were often used to store relics of saints, which were thought to protect one from various calamities and problems. Poison rings became popular in the sixteenth century when it was believed that they were used by the aristocracy to facilitate the poisoning of the food or drink of an enemy. Famously, Italian noblewoman Lucrezia Borgia is thought to have elegantly slain her foes with poison rings. These claims are, however, mostly unsubstantiated. Experts have noted that it would have been incredibly difficult to disguise the taste of poison while making a dose powerful enough to be fatal and little enough to fit into a ring. Hence, it is likely that victims of this kind of murder are few.

It is thus clear that both fact and fiction are intertwined in the history of poison rings. However, these rings still intrigue us with their dark and mysterious status. They also remain in fashion, as depicted by Robert Procop’s Poison Ring.

Robert Procop’s poison ring is what you get when you combine the brilliance of the Robert Procop brand and the sheer elegance of poison rings. The gothic theme of poison rings blends perfectly with Robert Procop’s legendary craftsmanship.

As is usual with poison rings, this ring holds a good number of secrets. Opening the bezel would reveal a small vessel concealing a diamond and emerald inlaid dagger attached by a chain. That’s not all though, behind the side doors is a concealed yellow diamond on one side and a golden peacock on the other.
The ring is saturated in blues and greens, with a surface that is more gemstone than metal. The piece features 2.52 cts. t.w. aquamarines, 1.17 cts. t.w. tsavorites, 2.24 cts. t.w. blue sapphires, 0.92 ct. t.w. white diamonds and 1.48 cts. t.w. emeralds. Its materials are rounded out with a mix of 18k yellow, white, and rose gold.

There is no doubt that this ring is of a one-of-a-kind quality. Its uniqueness is best described with the words of Procop himself “a jewel that has dimension, beauty, and mystery.” Thankfully, the Robert Procop firm plans to make many more poison rings, so be sure to keep an eye out for these beauties. ometimes tiny portraits of loved ones. Nowadays, poison rings that can be bought as jewelry on Etsy have been put to new uses such as glitter storage, a secret note compartment, tic tac case, confetti container, and so on. Not all poison rings can be gotten as jewelry on Etsy though, some qualify as antiques and are collected all over the world.

Class Action Lawsuit Against A Major US Jeweler

designer rings

The Pay Gap Issue is Real and Haunting Even Now at Signet Jewelry
The modern society is all about upholding equality between men and women at work, and otherwise, you say? The news article in New York Times Magazine focused on a wide pay gap between the two genders, especially in the sales associates of a major jewelry chain brand. The visible pay gap is noticeable in the chain of jewelry outlets
of Jared, the Galleria of Jewelry, Zales, and more. The parent firm, Signet Jewelry, has hired law firms against its ex-employees who had discovered pay discrepancies between male and female employees here.

What the Lawsuit Claims?
It started when a long-term employee of Tampa Jared, the Galleria of Jewelry store, felt she was wronged when not given the opportunity of an interview for the managerial position. Instead, men with little experience to none were given this opportunity. Moreover, she suffered sexual harassment from male employees. This led her to dig the details and learn about other store associates. It was then she realized another associate Marie Wolf with a great experience of sales of more than $1 billion of designer rings, and still never got a higher position.

She and Marie contacted the law firms and filed a case against the Signet Jewelry, the parent firm, in 2004. Over these 14 years, the lawsuit has deduced over 70,000 women were paid lesser than their male colleagues. This pay discrepancy on one side, the lawsuit has also been documenting more women employees raising the alarm at
the rapidly increasing environment of sexual abuse, rape, and other grave situations. There have been around 200 such reports from men and women alike of the incidents they have been victims of or have witnessed at the brand of designer rings.

More Signs of Unlawful Acts by Signet
Signet Jewelry, the firm of designer rings and other jewelry pieces, has also been in another controversy. It has agreed to pay New York regulators a fine of as much as $11 million. They had signed up many customers to their store credit cards without seeking any permission from them and forcing their employees under the pretext of fulfilling their monthly targets.

Signet Jewelry has expressed displeasure towards the article in New York Times magazine. They have gone ahead to state on CNN about how their firm is promoting harmony and equality among their employees. Law firms and wronged employees do not share similar thoughts.


etsy jewelry

Nose piercing looks chic and cool but requires frequent cleaning, especially if you have a risk of infection. Like all the piercing cleanings, nose piercing cleaning helps to keep the debris and grime out of the nose, preventing infection in it.

However, the care does not just stop there. You have to have a keen check on your Etsy jewelry and nose piercing to see if they debris-free. This prevents piercing infection to grow and also avoids further problems that might arise in the future. If you are looking for a quick nose Etsy jewelry clean-up, you are at the right place. This article includes all the tips, ins and outs of cleaning nose jewelry.

Nose Piercing After Care
Piercing your nose is very easy. However, the healing process isn’t so easy to deal with. It might even take months for your nose piercing to heal. Your nose piercing is expected to inflame and turn red. Pain also occurs in the healing process. However, cleaning it frequently would keep bacteria and infectious debris away.

Steps to Take Care Of Nose After Piercing
The first step of aftercare is to clean your nose piercing, preferably with the saline nasal spray. You can rinse your nose piercing with saline nasal spray two times a day. If your nose is sensitive or if the skin is tender, you can also use tea tree oil. Keep the jewelry in one place for a few days after the nose piercing. Changing your Etsy jewelry can be painful. You might also end up closing the hole.

Moreover, do not change and touch the piercing unless necessary. This increases the risk of causing a nose infection. After touching the nose piercing, it’s better to use a saline nasal spray to wash off all the debris.

What to Use While Cleaning Nose Piercing
According to research, it would take about 2 to 4 months for a nose piercing to heal. Once your nose piercing is healed, you do not need to clean it more often but maintain cleanliness to prevent scarring and infection.

  • To clean your healed nose piercing, here are some things that you might need:
  • Saline nasal spray or salt-water solution.
  • Cotton swabs or cotton balls.
  • Thick cleaning material such as a towel or cotton cloth.

How to Take Proper Care Of Nose Piercing?
When the nose piercing is completely healed, you can clean the piercing twice every week. Whenever the nose piercing feels oily, use saline solution or sprint saline nasal spray to wash away the dirt.

How to Clean A Nose Ring?
Apart from cleaning your nose piercing, it is important to clean your nose Etsy jewelry as well to wash away debris, bacteria and infection-causing germs.

  • Use saline solution or saline nasal spray to clean new nose jewelry. It’s better to clean the area surrounding the nose stopper.
  • If you are wearing silver nose jewelry, clean it with silver jewelry cleaner as often as you can to prevent infection in your piercing.

Essential Oil Jewelry

essential oil diffuser
essential oils

Scents have a powerful effect on us. They can spark a flow of memories or evoke an emotional response. Scents can be healing, relaxing, and comforting. Aromatherapy focuses on health and healing and uses a wide range of essential oils to help in a number of ways. Essential oil jewelry allows you to take advantage of aromatherapy no matter where you go as you can wear essential oil diffuser jewelry e.g. bracelet or necklace virtually everywhere.


Aromatherapy is the use of plant-based or botanical scents for healing. Different cultures have used this practice for centuries. Studies suggest that Chinese were among the first to use it for healing or medicinal purposes. Apart from them, aromatherapy was used by the Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks in religious settings as a way of promoting physical and emotional health.

Is it Safe to Use Diffuser Jewelry?

Using essential oil diffuser jewelry is completely safe. Inhaling essential oils is one of the most common methods of using them. This type of jewelry is relatively more beneficial as compared to applying essential oils topically, particularly for individuals who have sensitive skin. Diffuser jewelry does not put out a strong scent. Unlike essential oils, scented soaps, lotions, and perfumes often aggravate sensitivities or allergies for many people. You can wear diffuser jewelry around children, at workplace, or any other place you usually go.

essential oils

Why Essential Oil Jewelry Should Be Made of Stainless Steel

When you purchase diffuser jewelry, it is highly recommended that you make sure that the pendant is made from surgical stainless steel. This is because it is the best material for essential oil jewelry even though gold, leather, and sometimes sliver is also used. There are several reasons to use surgical stainless steel. It is resistant to tarnishing and can last longer than other materials. Furthermore, it is a hypoallergenic material so it won’t cause any reactions for individuals with sensitive skin. Other metals like silver, gold, and copper can cause skin reactions for some individuals. Pendants and lockets should be constructed of surgical stainless steel to make sure the oils don’t damage the metal over time.

How to Apply the Oil to the Bracelet or Necklace

essential oils

Necklaces and bracelets are the most popular types of essential oil diffuser jewelry. Even though they can be quite different in design, the method to apply the essential oils is generally the same.Diffuser Necklaces: Usually there is one stone or pad to apply the essential oil in the necklaces. You can apply more than one oil to the same stone or disc.

Diffuser Bracelets: If there are stones in the bracelet, you can apply more than one oil to each of them. However, if the bracelet is constructed of beads, then you will need to apply a single oil to each bead.If you want to apply more than one oil, then first apply a single oil. After that, let the oil seep into the stone by turning it in a circular motion. Once the stone has glossed over, apply the next oil.

Aromatherapy Necklaces

Aromatherapy Necklace

Aromatherapy can reconnect your soul, mind, and body with its magical treatment. This treatment is carried by using the most effective essential oil in the diffuser, and it can soon induce peace and calmness to your routines. But the impact fact to notice at this point is that we cannot undergo aromatherapy every day. Moreover, today’s busy lifestyle demands a treatment that can ensure mental and physical balance on the go. In such situations, an aromatherapy necklace can serve you better.

The aromatherapy necklaces are designed to serve wearers with their favorite fragrance at any time, and anywhere. You can find many such products in the market that carry essential oils to enhance your energy levels throughout the day.

Aromatherapy Necklaces

Things to know about aromatherapy necklace:
A wearable aromatherapy necklace is a creative way to enjoy all the amazing benefits of essential oils without booking your appointment at the spa. Manufacturers keep on designing these necklaces in unique designs by using a variety of materials. There is some dedicated space to store essential oil inside so that the diffused scent can be inhaled with ease from this wearable. At the same time, it leads to several topical benefits; however, they greatly depend upon the type of necklace you have purchased.

When added to these necklaces, even a few drops of essential oils can keep you energized for the entire day.

There are so many materials that can be used for designing aromatherapy necklaces; the most important ones are glass, metals, and clay. There are so many designers in the market that can offer you amazing collections of essential oil jewelry.

Aromatherapy Necklaces

How these fragrance rich necklaces work?
Depending upon what material has been used to design them, the aromatherapy necklaces work in several interesting ways. If we talk about the necklaces made up of glass material, in this case, the oil is trapped inside, and it keeps on dispersing the scent slowly. The necklaces made up of metals as like silver or pewter use to carry a scented pad or sponge inside that keep on diffusing essential oil via several tiny holes.

Other than this, manufacturers also use clay and lava rock for designing aromatherapy necklaces. In this case, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the bead, and it immediately absorbs the oil while diffusing the scent for several hours. While using them, make sure that material has absorbed the oil content fully so that it doesn’t leave remarks on your clothes or body as well. It is also possible to add multiple scents to these necklaces to create a customized scent as per your needs.

There are so many reasons to use aromatherapy necklaces; most of the experts recommend them for mood enhancement. People love to mix their favorite scents to create the best aromas for their routines as it can help them smell great throughout the day. These scents can help you regulate stress levels to make you feel better all the time.

Top Etsy Essential CBD Oil Diffuser Rings

In this 21st century, the life has become so fast that there is hardly any time for any one to go to the relaxation centers such as yoga centers and others. However, we all know that how important it is for us to have a good health in order to perform our tasks more efficiently. Fortunately, getting the membership of the relaxation centers and joining the yoga center is not the only solution to this problem. There are cbd oil diffusers that can help you to stay in a good state of mind which will definitely affect positively on your health and beauty.

Those who don’t know what cbd oil diffusers are, will come to know about them in this article. We will also include some of the essential cbd oil diffuser rings in this article that you can get and can enjoy the therapy that you always wanted. Essential cbd oil diffusers are basically considered as the sign of the essence of the health and beauty. This is a traditional method that is basically known as aromatherapy and it uses herbs, inhales or smoke to heal the aliments.

There was a time when these oils were used as a medicines by the ancient civilizations and in some parts of the world they are still used for the same purpose. But today, they have managed to inject these oils in to the rings and other jewelry that can act same as the medicine. The difference is that you just have to wear the ring rather than swallowing the medicine.

But how cbd oil diffusers work, is another important question that most of the people ask. What essential oils does is that they enhance the environment and surroundings by the fragrance of herbal and essential oils which then acts as an aromatherapeutic application. However, the type of the diffuser can be different as some uses the heat and some of them don’t use the heat. But whatever method is used, the goal is to create an aroma that helps your mind to relax. Let’s have a quick look at the benefits of using the essential cbd oil diffusers before moving towards the list of the cbd oil diffuser rings.

Benefits of using essential cbd oil diffusers:

  • The essential cbd oil diffusers purify and disinfects the air from all kind of viruses, bacteria and pathogens. It is quite obvious that the purifies air will cause less health concerns and will have a positive impact on the body.
  • As it is an application of the aroma therapy, it will set the mood and will impact positively on the mind.
  • Once you have the positive state of mind due to this aroma therapy, you will start getting help in focusing and concentrating on your work.
  • You will hardly experience any kind of anxiety of stress when you are in the environment of these essential cbd oil diffusers.
  • Other then any positive energy and vibes, you can always enjoy the sweet fragrance in your house and work environment.

There are different ways to get the aroma through the cbd oil diffusers and cbd oil diffuser ring is one of them. We have crafted a list of some of the best cbd oil diffuser rings that you can consider for yourself and even for your family members. Lets have a look at some of the best essential cbd oil diffuser rings.

Lava Rock Aromatherapy Ring:

The first in our list is the handmade, lava rock aromatherapy ring. We know that there are number of people that are obsessed with the black the black color and that is why getting this ring will help you to have the satisfaction of mind that you always wanted. The ring is made up of sterling silver and then the black lava rock stone is attached to the top. The overall size of the ring is 7.5 whereas the measurement of the stone is 12 x 12 mm. That means the rock at the top is quite visible and will definitely be effective in performing the tasks that it supposed to do. The ring can be shipped to your home for $29.00 only.

Hidden Compartment 18k White Gold Diamond Filigree Ring:

The next essential cbd oil diffuser ring in our list is a white gold diamond filigree ring. The obsession for white is as much strong as the black and when it is combined to the gold, the ring becomes very hard to resist. The ring is crafted of 18k white gold and with the delicate filigree and diamonds that hides the secret compartment. The original size of the ring is six and the ring can only be sized up or down a one size because it is too delicate in nature. Th ring weighs 14.49 grams and it can be one of the best premium rings for your collection and daily use. The price of the ring is $1599.99 which seems to be expensive, but it worth every single penny without any doubt.

Funky Handmade Sterling Silver Diffuser Ring:

Third in our list is a casual sterling silver ring that can be used for the aroma therapy purposes. Being a casual ring, this handmade ring allows you to enjoy the aroma while you are on the go. The ring can be wear to any occasion or event and all you have to do is to add 1 or 2 essential cbd oil drops on the ring and to let it soak. The ring has the ability to hold the scent for a day or two. There are different sizes available in the ring which means that all of you can have a piece of this ring. Even the price of the ring is on the low side and you can get this ring delivered to your house for $50.00 only. Furthermore, there is an option to modify the ring by adding the details which makes this ring further desirable.

Wood Essential cbd oil Diffuser Ring:

This is one of the slimmest cbd oil diffuser ring that you can have. The wood piece at the top of the ring makes it eye catching and the best part is that this ring is specially designed for the aroma therapy purposes. The ring can hold the scent for about 8 hours or more and you can also adjust the ring according to your use. The band of the ring is made from 925 silver that is lead and nickel free and the wood piece is 15mm round. The wood used in the ring is not sprayed with the chemicals and that is why the wood pieces have their own unique color and characteristics. The ring can be shipped to house for 35 dollars only.

ENERGY CRYSTAL Natural Volcanic Lava Stone Sterling Silver RING:

Last in our list is another lava rock ring but this time the color of the is silver grey. It is a .925 Sterling Silver Natural Volcanic Lava Ring and it weighs 7.2 grams only. This calming stone is known for promoting positive changes where needed in behavioral issues and it also enhances the fertility. The ring can be shipped to home for 29 dollars only and it is one of the best rings that you can ever have for yourself.

Best Tshirt Necklaces on Etsy

The winter season isn’t just about clothes—it’s also about fascinating accessories. This winter season, tshirts necklaces are taking important positions in numerous designs and styles. One good reason why most people incorporate beautiful tshirt Necklaces to their outfits is to demonstrate their ingenuity and originality given that tshirt necklaces help you express yourself in a simple but charming way.

There are unlimited ways to wear them as they come in a variety of styles and designs. However, regardless of whether you just want to make a simple statement with the many creatively designed tshirt necklaces or just trying your hand on these delicate chains there is a lot to look out for. Etsy has what it takes for every occasion.


With gicreazioni you can cheerfully add an ambiance of playfulness to your everyday look. It vibrant and bright colored necklaces are a must have for every unicorn fan. It comes in variety: Rainbow Chunky Necklace, Unicorn T Shirt Yarn Necklace, Multicolor Necklace, Yarn Jewelry and so on.

These stunning and magnificent pieces are great to put on. They are crafted from reused natural cotton t shirts. They can be worn on distinctive event or offered as a surprise gift. The necklaces are light and portable and soothing to put on with unique designs and eye catching colors. They are a great accessory all year round.


The Lulaor hand crafted multiple strand necklaces are produced from reused mélange gray t-shirt yarn cotton fabric. This delightful and charming necklace would jazz up any kind of plane dress.

In the event that you like this necklace in a distinct color selection or sizing, you can feel free to contact the company and make a custom order.

Lone Wolf Vintage Shop

The Lone Wolf Vintage Shop’s Jersey Knit white and Navy Blue Striped T-shirt Necklace are a magnificent and charming drape style neck pieces which gives you an absolutely new appearance when combined with a powerful base outfit such as a beautifully designed t-shirt, blouse or dress. This one has an exceptional nautical look with the navy blue and white striping. T-shirt material is stredded and stranded to make the 15 strand neck piece.


Plarnstar is well known for crafting high quality yet simple colored materials ranging from it rainbow Stripes Recycled T-shirt Necklace to colorful striped fabric necklaces.

The recycled t-shirt necklace comes in a rainbow stripes pattern while it colorful striped necklace is crafted from upcycled tshirt yarn (tarn). Their high quality fabrics are picked up from the end of the run at clothing factories, after which they are cut into strips and turned into yarn. These fabric necklaces are a great choice for people who have metal allergy given that they are free from metal.

The necklace comes with 10 loops and ample dimension. Owing to the recycled nature of this yarn, sometimes the color and pattern may vary. One great thing that makes this products stand out is that the patterns used are original designs.